Al Capone’s Miami: Paradise or Purgatory?


Most have heard of Alphonse Gabriele “Al” Capone, also known as “Scarface,” who rose to become the undisputed king of the Chicago mob during the Prohibition era. Most know he became one of America’s most infamous gangsters and earned the moniker Public Enemy Number One.

His connection to New York and Chicago crime families along with his committing assorted murders, running of gambling dens, whorehouses, and speakeasies is legendary and readily acknowledged in myriad books, documentaries, and TV shows. But few know about his time in Florida, especially South Florida. It is here he bought a home in Miami Beach, spent time before and after his imprisonment in Alcatraz, ran several illegal businesses, enjoyed the rich Miami Beach nightlife, entertained the famous and infamous alike, was harrassed by local residents and law enforcement, and was arrested several times. It is also here he eventually died.

This book is an  in-depth account of that time and will include photos and stories never before published.

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