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  1. James Field says:

    Tried to download your book. Received your reply but don’t know how to get your book. My great Grandmother, Katherine Geneva Steinhauser Butler, was an inmate at Chattahoochie and died while there in 1906. She had been buried in Cemetery #2. Has any progress been made on the new location of this cemetery?

    • admin says:

      Appreciate your letting me know about the site. I wasn’t able to find any purchasing transaction in Paypal so I’m not sure what error you were experiencing. If you could tell me more about it, I can contact my webmaster. Thank you.

  2. brian says:

    I need help with the state of florida about my wife she is being held prisoner because i found out about abuses. they won’t let me see her and now there’s a whistleblower talking about people being beaten and raped in there I’m going to have to report this worldwide. if i have to if u can help with reporting this contact. me.

  3. Richard Dailey says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Ms. Ling – the email form above does not function. Is it possible to send me her email address?

  4. Sally,

    I am the Chairwoman for The Friends of Victor Licata. We recently filed for clemency (3-11-14) and a full pardon for Victor in the State of Fl. Office of clemency, Gov. Scott. You may be familiar w/ his name. He was allegedly accused of the ax murder of five of his family members including a dog at the age of twenty-one, while under the influence of marijuana. However, we cannot (surprisingly),locate ANY actual birth records for him. And a lot of “records” have disappeared and or been destroyed… Surprised? This incident was 10/17/33. We believe all of his civil liberties were stripped and eleven days later, he was sentenced to you know where… For many years… He escaped (with four others), only to be re-captured and placed back in prison.. Where, he “committed” suicide a short time later. We strongly dispute this as well!
    We believe he was used/set-up to become the poster boy for Reefer Madness which help lead to the Prohibition of Marijuana ( Cannabis)! Does Anslinger ring a bell?
    We having been painstakingly researching this for twelve years and dispute most of and or all of the claims/findings against Victor Licata. We have documented, detailed research that we are soon to publish and are working on a script for a (horror), real-life movie! This is, without a doubt, the worst best kept secret ever!
    We would very much like to speak to you and perhaps work together! We believe we have a lot of common interests and goals!


    C. Rachelle Roach,MA,MNT

  5. TS says:

    I found your website while trying to locate information regarding my maternal grandmothers stay and subsequent death in 1969, while a patient at Chattahoochee (Florida State Hospital). I have read various accounts of the negligence and abuse that did/does occur there, yet can’t find anything that helps me understand my grandmothers unfortunate stay and subsequent death while committed there. I intend on reading your book in search of answers and to gain a better historical understanding, however I wanted to present a few facts surrounding her commitment, stay, and death with the hope that you may know of a similar situation or potential explanation.
    1. In 1967 my grandfather and mother had her committed via the courts, the diagnosis listed on paperwork I’ve obtained is paranoid schizophrenia. I have no further records regarding her diagnosis. I do know however that in November of 1969 she died following a hysterectomy that occurred at the hospital. She was no longer of child bearing age, so my thought is that she may have had cervical cancer. Still I don’t understand why with a diagnosis like that she was not at a more relevant medical facility. My mother is still alive but has very vague memories regarding her mother’s death there. I have contacted Florida archives and an employee almost immediately supplied me with the court commitment papers but never responded to my medical records and cause of death inquiries. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for contacting me. Throughout its history, the facility at Chattahoochee was as much a medical hospital as it was a mental health facility. You can imagine that with a facility of that size medical issues arose not only with the patients, but the staff as well. In fact, for many years after it was established, being a medical facility was it’s primary function as treatment for the mentally ill was primitive at best. So it doesn’t surprise me that your grandmother’s operation occurred at the facility. Her death is another matter, however. At that late year, her death certificate should be available at the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. For a small fee, you should be able to obtain her death certificate with the cause of death. When you request the certificate, make sure to note that you want the cause of death as well. You will need to prove you are a relative to obtain that info. Here is the website:
      If you want to find the Inquisition of Lunacy Petition, the document that sent your grandmother to Chattahoochee, you will need to obtain it from the courthouse in the county where she was committed. Hope this helps. Let me know if you were successful in obtaining the above info. Sally

  6. Will Michaels says:

    I am a local historian in St. Petersburg, Fl. I have just completed an article on Al Capone in St. Petersburg for a local journal. I also plan to include the article in some form in an up-coming book. I understand you are doing a book about Capone in South Florida. I would appreciate it if you would read the article and give me any comments. If you send me your email address I will send it to you.
    Best luck on your up-coming book.

    Will Michaels
    (Author, The Making of St. Petersburg)

  7. Avi Bash says:

    Hi Sally,

    I currently working on a book regarding organized crime in South Florida and was hoping I could speak with you if you have a moment.



  8. Robert Dawson says:


    I am a Broward County Librarian and would like to discuss the possibility of you doing a program at our Library in Deerfield Beach.

  9. Hi,

    We are interested in having you come speak on the topic of Prohibition in South Florida at our Annual Conference for Supply Chain CEO’s, at The Breakers in Palm Beach in January 2017.
    If interested please contact me.

    Thank You,
    Jennifer Alfaro

  10. HELEN WOOTEN says:

    I READ YOUR BOOK “WHO KILLED LENO & LOUISE..I WAS SO IMPRESSED AS I HAVE OFTEN WONDERED ABOUT THE KILLING, I have past the area often and every time I say to myself “wonder what happened to the painter & his wife”. Thank you for clearing up the matter. What other books do you have???

    • sally says:

      Hi Helen, so glad you enjoyed the mystery of the Lazzari murders. It took me eight years to finish that as I kept digging up new information and people who added info to the story. Regarding my other books, if you’ll click on the tab on my website, you’ll see that there is a series of Shea Baker biblical mysteries. The third book, The Twelfth Stone, will be out in a week or so. I also write historical nonfiction concentrating on Florida history, but all my books whether fiction or nonfiction reflect certain aspects of Florida history. If you sign up as a Preferred Reader, you’ll get news of any book launches and discounts. Thanks for your comment. Sally

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