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Everyone has a story, but most oLittleHoboCover_2_6_2013f these stories will never be told. Why? Because most people don’t know how to write or publish their story.  That’s why along with being an author, I became a writing/publishing coach.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met–at speaking engagements, at church, at book signings–who want to tell their story. And, I want these people to tell their story and have it published, whether by a traditional publisher or self-publishing. But, there are a number of steps one must go through to bring it to the public. That’s where I come in.

I know what it’s like to write and publish books. After all, I’ve had numerous books published and am working on many more. I also understand the world of publishing–traditional and self-publishing–and can help guide you through the pitfalls.

 I remember when I saw my first book on the shelf at Barnes & Nobles and online at Amazon.com. Boy was I proud! Three other books were traditionally published as well, then I decided to self-publish (that’s for another conversation). But the point is, it’s very exciting to have your books out there (whether fiction or nonfiction) where other people can find them, read them, and become inspired by them.

I was doubly proud when I published my first e-book. The electronic age had begun and I needed to be a part of it. Now, my ebooks outsell my paperbacks 8-1.

Here’s what Ernest L. Norris said about my efforts to assist him in publishing a paperback and e-book Little Hobo’s Travels. 

“Sally took my story and had a cover designed,  had it edited and formatted for both paperback and e-book, and walked me through the world of publishing. I now have a book and e-book I can be proud of.”–Ernest L. Norris

If you’re thinking about telling your story, contact me and together we can make it happen.

You may contact me at: info@sallyjling.com.

Happy writing!


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  1. Jim Smith says:

    I just could not put down Run the Rum!

    My father would have loved to share his experience and knowledge of South Florida Rumrunning. My grandfather lost a fortune in the depression and became a rumrunner to make ends meet. He had a sports fishing boat that was know to be the fasted in Palm Beach county was was painted black so it would be hard to spot when the moon was out. It was docked near what is now the Everglades Country Club. Needless to say he “served” a number of Palm Beaches “royalty” but what I recall the most was how Sheriff Bob Baker would come to the house to pick up his “normal” three boxes.

    Dad had a cousin who was murdered by a rumrunner, but I do not recall the name, but many names in the book sounder familiar.

    Dad would tell about climbing of boxes of booze to get to his bed, and the hall being so full you needed to walk sideways to make it down the hall.

    I have photos of the boat someplace, but also my grandfather was the first paid fireman, as well as a policeman in WPB. I have the fireman badge which had the number one. I also have a photo of my grandfather in his police uniform on an old Indian motorcycle.

    Again, thanks for publishing this wonderful book.

    Jim Smith

    • admin says:

      Hi Jim,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. I would like to encourage you to write a review on Amazon.com. They are very important to authors and it helps others determine whether the book has merit.

      It sounds like your grandfather had quite the life during Prohibition and stories like his make writing about the era most enjoyable. This book is almost out of its first printing run and I’m hoping to write a second edition. If I do, I’d love to speak to you about your grandfather and perhaps include some of his stories.


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