THE CLOAK: A Shea Baker Mystery

A biblical mystery by Sally J. Ling

What if the world was able to access an ancient artifact that would miraculously heal anyone who touched it? Would it be a blessing or a curse?

This question and more face brash, but endearing, freelance writer Shea Baker, as he finds himself hurled headlong into a mystery of biblical proportions in The Cloak.

To some, making this relic available to heal the masses would be an act of compassion. However altruistic, others believe it to be a totally misguided act—one that would instantly fling the world into theological, political, economic and logistical chaos.

What follows is a hunt for the mysterious article from South Florida to Jerusalem by a number of fascinating characters, each with his/her own agenda for wanting to possess it.

An intriguing story, The Cloak takes us on a theoretical ride that undoubtedly will become the catalyst of lively discussions for years to come.

Here’s what readers had to say about The Cloak:

 Sally Ling has a winner of a novel in The Cloak with some interesting twists and some fascinating historical content rooted in what she learned from studying stories about miracles in the Bible…” Sandi Altner

 “. . . Thought-provoking, educational and amusing, it’s a can’t-miss combination . . . Unlike the typical ‘whodunit,’ it delves into the question of faith, always interesting to ponder. . . ” Diane Gibbs

 “I’m not into novels, but this one got my attention. Filled with intrigue and mystery, it grabs history and the 21st century in an embrace that had me reading with anticipation. I had trouble putting it down. If the writer puts her pen to more like this one, I may become a new fan of novels.”  Jim Henry, Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Orlando, Florida

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2 Responses to THE CLOAK: A Shea Baker Mystery

  1. Robert O. Davis says:

    Read the brief overview of The Cloak. Appears to be an interesting read. Do intend to purchase a copy in the future.

  2. Nancy Hussey says:

    I loved The Cloak. It usually takes a few chapters to get my attention in a book but this one had me in the first. I love mysteries so to add in biblical history and locations that I am familiar with was very exciting. I read through it in no time.
    I plan on ordering a few more of your books and am excited for your new book, Out of Mind, Out of Sight. It sounds great. Thank you, Nancy Hussey

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